Services Provided

  • - Psychoeducational evaluations for   children adolescents and young   adults

  • - Psychological evaluations for   children adolescents and adults

  • - Psychotherapy for children,   adolescents, and adults

  • - Mindfulness groups for children ages   7 to 12 years old

  • - Family therapy

  • - Parent training

  • - Couples therapy

  • - Evaluations for ADD/ADHD

  • - Organizational coaching for   individuals with ADHD

  • - Mindfulness training

  • - Custody evaluations

  • - Parent coordination for divorcing   parents

  • - Reunification therapy between   children and parents

  • - School consultations

  • - Career counseling for young adult

Please feel to contact me with any questions.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

If you are an adult who or suffers from anxiety, depression, or ADHD, or if you have a child with these kind of challenges mindfulness training can have great benefits for you and your family. It can minimize common stressful adult-adult or child-parent interactions, allowing all to put their "best foot forward." Learning to pay attention to experiences with openness and without reacting judgmentally reduces stress, and improves decision-making. You begin to respond more thoughtfully to behavior, rather than react to it. By reducing old, ineffective "autopilot" habits you become more adept at pausing and observing your feelings and thoughts. This can lead to calmer, more effective interactions, and communications with others.